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200 years Argentina Independence

From the Great homeland to the homeland small, from the continental ice, to the white Puna salt, from the endless waters of Iguazu falls to the Cordillera de los Andes snowy crags, the excitement of the Bicentenary, is was drawing smiles and double rosettes in the heart at everyone Argentine, is that for the world anecdotario 200 years are not many, but for our beloved Argentina, there is a long stretch lived with heroes and grave, with wars of patriots whose echoes still resound today, with names as José de San Martín, Manuel Belgrano and Martin Miguel de Guemes to grow in stature than the years shine bronze of his epics.

A young country but with a big story that was felt in these 200 years, where Tucuman (argentinien province) was the epicenter of great festivities, but every province, every city, every town had its blue and white party, to commemorate 200 years of freedom, 200 years of men who chose to look away and project their dreams, beyond Argentina’s borders limit, 200 years HOMELAND, 200 years fists up of men and women who opted for two centuries to live crowned with glory, or swear to glory die !

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