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Colón – Entre Ríos

"The Uruguay River it’s a blue sky than travels" chronicles the local poets and is also a place for recreation, where the sand blows with the waters and the sunset paint a picture of serene charm… Colón, Entre Ríos; Argentina

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Sergio Denis

His name is success synonymous that coined after serving 45 years of musical career. Sergio Denis arrived at Centenario Colón Theatre to present his latest album called "Classical". Sergio Denis absolute force has had outstanding participation in the theatre seasons of Mar del Plata and Buenos Aires with real stars of national music hall.

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Colon – Entre Rios

Our city Colon is located beside Uruguay River, Uruguay word which in Guarani means "river of birds or snails", the same watercourse in his whimsical journey off the Entre Ríos lands coasts shows islands of dazzling white sand on one side and our shores just over 10 kilometres of beach that change their names, according to the people imagination was discovering the value of each particular site ...

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Hugo @ Relieves Magazine

Hugo and Nora live in Colon, Entre Rios, Argentina. Steve, Ribster13 & Digihubwales hooked up with Hugo in 2015 through a mutual appreciation of the photography and the drive to promote local communities as shared on Twitter.

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