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Colón – Entre Ríos

"The Uruguay River it’s a blue sky than travels" chronicles the local poets and is also a place for recreation, where the sand blows with the waters and the sunset paint a picture of serene charm… Colón, Entre Ríos; Argentina

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Queen Tribute – Argentina

The Colón’s Theatre from Argentina crowded received these days the band that pays tribute to Queen and his career as a musician, composer and showman Jorge Busetto at the head from “Doctor Queen band” and carried us away by the melodies, movements, voice tones and signals at some point in life as an eternal and will be Freddie Mercury.

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Sergio Denis

His name is success synonymous that coined after serving 45 years of musical career. Sergio Denis arrived at Centenario Colón Theatre to present his latest album called "Classical". Sergio Denis absolute force has had outstanding participation in the theatre seasons of Mar del Plata and Buenos Aires with real stars of national music hall.

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Colon – Entre Rios

Our city Colon is located beside Uruguay River, Uruguay word which in Guarani means "river of birds or snails", the same watercourse in his whimsical journey off the Entre Ríos lands coasts shows islands of dazzling white sand on one side and our shores just over 10 kilometres of beach that change their names, according to the people imagination was discovering the value of each particular site ...

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Moto Tours – Argentina

Moto Tours Argentina

This is a video made to showcase the amazing riding to be had in Mendoza and the surrounding area with friends from Argentina Moto Tours. These guys worked so hard to give people an incredible experience. So much so the video was made by some clients.

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Patagonia – Argentinia

A short film which illustrates the different sensations and situations through out a trip which started on the south of the province of Buenos Aires and made base camping on the cities of Bariloche and Ushuaia.

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Beyond The Tango

The “Centenary” Theater of Colon, Entre Ríos, was the chosen stage as part of tour along the Argentine coast of “Tangata Mayor” that presented its spectacle “Beyond The Tango” with the alive band, the famous “Big Quintet”, which put his sounds to a magic night so that a singer and the ballet dancers were narrating at time of 2 x 4 a history with open end, impregnated by the feeling Tango …

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