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Colón – Entre Ríos

“The Uruguay River it’s a blue sky than travels”

chronicles the local poets and is also a place for recreation, where the sand blows with the waters and the sunset paint a picture of serene charm…

Colón, Entre Ríos, Argentina with around 10 kilometers of beaches distributed over six spas of freshwater strategically located to the City coast: Deep Beach, New Beach, SPA Santiago Inkier, colourful stones, North Beach and Beach Point Colón make up a route, where each one has characteristics similar but different to the time that the tourist opt for any of them, the first clipped a landscape on rocks where the usual fishermen seeking a dam that show off your skills with the cane or with the reel, among them the favourite is river’s tiger, “el dorado”, the piece by excellence of Uruguay river.

The other beaches are an attraction for the family group with the exception of colourful stones to which mostly choose the campers of any part of the country or the Inkier beach the youth favourite.
The the water tones, the sand and the sky offer a compossé for the enjoyment and it is common for bathers choose or the peace and early freshness for enjoy the beaches or contrary the afternoon hours in rélax on the banks of the river that extends until the night falls… including any of the visitors stretch its permanence in an improvised Stove while someone the strings of a guitar and the Uruguay river swell quiet of accompanies it with its cadence.

Water sports have multiple expressions for the enjoyment waters inside, and ploughing the waves between laughter and challenges to the gravity, while a delta-wing offers the most audacious a unique view from the Colón’s air.

The afternoon going will be easy meanwhile the “mate” (traditional drink infusion) move hand to hand,last bathers begin to move away from the shore to later undertake the return home, the beach smell to impregnate the senses while Uruguay river gradually quiet its sounds and recover its natural state…

From Argentina : Nora Zorzoli journalist, Hugo Barreto photography

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