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Colon – Entre Rios

Colon city Entre Rios province Argentina country South America.

Our city Colon is located beside Uruguay River, Uruguay word which in Guarani means “river of birds or snails”, the same watercourse in his whimsical journey off the Entre Ríos lands coasts shows islands of dazzling white sand on one side and our shores just over 10 kilometres of beach that change their names, according to the people imagination was discovering the value of each particular site …

But Colon, the fresh mornings at the river bank and the evenings cradled by the charm of a city of fine architecture with more than 17,000 habitants is something else more beaches and river, it is the taste of “golden roast” (typical fish) in those waters and cooked with lemon as one of the iconic flavours of the city, is a sinuous waterfront forms that accompany the becoming river, the awakening of an old school park that unfolds like an amphitheatre before the view of passers-by, where year after year, in February month carried the National Handy Craft Festival event that brings more than 500 Argentinian craftsman and neighbouring countries and artistic event show.

Meanwhile the city with its stamp of first port Colony, today looks longingly to recent past, founded at 1863, only store of that history and its founding echoes the historic River Station today the Tourist Office and the port itself today turned in Sunday stroll The city has maintained historical buildings pace the years have been making a dent at its streets, forms and entire geography, walk through the city centre, down the 12 April street date refers to its foundation building permits discover the main city library “Fiat Lux” or “Let there be light” in Latin Freemason symbol of an period of flavoured stories suspense intermingle between architecture that defines and over 1,500 volumes inside.

Other historic buildings are corresponding to the Colon’s Mayoralty, in-front to main square, “George Washington” just as recognition of a Freemason to another and the parish Saints Justo and Pastor, built in stages and where a priest murdered under dubious circumstances.

The history it shows before the eyes and the green textures turns oranges and ochres in autumn approaching, the proposed about hot-baths trough a thermal park located at outside city takes on renewed force.

While the afternoon is painted sunset and then give way to the yesterday night and today merge defining the idiosyncrasy of Colon people , a sail boat rip the horizon and the islands fan show white sands, while some lonely navigator away by the river of birds to look in its clear waters some of these snails spoken by the primitive Guarani aborigines…

For Ribster13 from Argentina: Nora Zorzoli Journalist, photos and images Hugo Barreto correspondents Relieves Magazine.

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