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Hugo and Nora live in Colon, Entre Rios, Argentina.

Steve, Ribster13 & Digihubwales hooked up with Hugo in 2015 through a mutual appreciation of the photography and the drive to promote local communities as shared on Twitter.

The couple have an active involvement in the local community promoting through the photos Hugo takes and Nora’s journalism, being directors of Relieves Magazine.

The magazine had the pleasure of recording the historic visit of Barack Obama with President Mauricio Macri in 2016 in which United States were promoting the revival of relations between the two States and progressing important bilateral agreements.

Their enthusiasm can clearly be seen in the fabulous posts you see on social media. Great scenic views of Argentina and capturing the atmosphere and mood of dancers.

Have a look for yourself on @HugoFotoArt

Obama Argentina – February 2016

It was a historic day where Argentina, the host country, with the United States promoted a revival of relations between the two States and President Mauricio Macri received his counterpart Barack Obama in Buenos Aires and during the day both participated in a large bilateral schedule that seeks among other things progress in important bilateral agreements.

Just to make history, it is to state that the first visit by an American president was the 30 November, 1936, when he arrived in Argentina Franklin D. Roosevelt on the occasion of the Inter-American Conference of Peacebuilding.

The last protocol visit was in October 1997 when Bill Clinton visited the country and met with then Carlos Menem President.

We can also record a more recent visit, in 2005, when George W. Bush was for 36 hours in Argentina to attend at the Americas IV Summit, but this time, there was a bilateral meeting between the presidents of both countries.

Among the prominent phrases that Barack Obama where he made reference to “this is a new beginning” in bilateral relations mentioned, underlined he stressed that young people should have, he paraphrased Borges, argentinian writer, and highlighted the taste of Argentinean mate role.

And Obama paid tribute to the AMIA victims of the bombing.

President Mauricio Macri for his part said in relation to the presence of his US counterpart that “his visit is at the perfect time” because it is when “we want to build sound relations with the world,” adding “we need to improve democracy.”

We share some exclusive footage of the meeting between the two Presidents, Diego Del Olio thanks for the gesture towards Relieves Magazine.

From Argentina share exclusive information to Ribster13, Nora Zorzoli and Hugo Barreto

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