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Meet The Team

Team ? It’s a constant process. Kinda grows on you !

The Camera Guy

IMG_4436RIBSTER13 is the man behind the lenses. I grew up in the Derbyshire Peaks surrounded by rolling hills. The passion for the sea drew me to North Wales as my home, although always regarded as home from early childhood when I was first brought to the area. Since then I’ve took every opportunity to be here generating a great circle of friends and met other characters along the way.

I started with producing videos back in the 80’s looking at commercial opportunities like training and promotional videos. I used the original video cameras that sat on your shoulder required strength and a steady technique to ensure the production was of professional quality; not like the modern stabilisation functionality. I have now moved on to Canon Digital SLR cameras as the medium of choice with a variety of lenses and studio equipment to fit all occasions.

My love of all watercraft began as a youngster. I have previously been an RYA instructor and power captain at a Welsh coastal sailing club. I specialise in photography taken aboard a Rigid Inflatable Boat; local events including all sports – running, cycling, Motorsport, etc. charity functions and local festivals, e.g. Conwy Pirate weekend.

Love of the surrounding landscape, flora and fauna creates the perfect environment to explore and take that different shot and capture the moment to share.

I am keen to promote commercial enterprises through the use of social media marketing; recognising it as the future medium to grow the local economy. I’m working with a team of specialists to create the best network.

The Geek Guy

kljklMADENZA, the #ForeignImport living in sunny North Wales. I am a keen WordPress & Web enthusiast & have spent the last decade online learning my trade. I have done bits of everything & lots of everything else. I do general web stuff, bits of social media whilst constantly looking for the next challenge. I LOVE making stuff. Frames that can achieve what people are looking to achieve. That’s the boring side of it.

Love living in North Wales with my four ladies. Relax. The wife, two kids & dog all compete for my attention, so life is pretty blissful. Love travelling around, making food outside, camping & NOT watching television. Love meeting friendly people & can talk for hours non stop.

This being our more random multi media site expect lots of ramblings about projects & a fair share of opinion everywhere else on the RIBSTER13 domain.

The Handsome Guy

Hi I’m Captain Conwy. I live near my namesake place of the walled town of Conwy with my beloved castle.

I love to meet people, go places and promote our lovely area with all my Twitter friends. Talking on Twitter gives me the chance to be introduced to some really interesting people.

My minders have taken me on some great adventures and hoping the fun goes on and on…..
– Place2Print made me a fabulous top and hoody, I look so cool now
– Llangefni road trip where I went to the market and met some new friends including Tatwys Trading who had really tasty fruit and vegetables.
– Ice Cream Dream always has time for me and the lovely flavours keep the minders quiet!
– The guys keep taking me to the Coffee Pot at Rhos where they enjoy a bacon butty and coffee, at least I get to see my friend Carole
– I had a laugh with the politicians they looked so funny on their bikes in the rain going around the Great Orme. All for a good cause

I hope to meet you too and looking forward to going on many more adventures.

Hope you enjoy visiting RIBSTER13. We will try our best to be diverse & interesting, to say the least.