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Sergio Denis

Sergio Denis: with its own light

His name is success synonymous that coined after serving 45 years of musical career. Sergio Denis arrived at Centenario Colón Theatre to present his latest album called “Classical”.

With intact charisma made a musical review of new and old hits including “Little Giant” are mentioned, “Life is worth”, “Argentina is best” one of his last compositions and the mythical “I love you so much” the emblem issue sing along and during football matches, the most famous clubs puffy several countries, including Real Madrid or Bayern Munich.

Sergio Denis absolute force has had outstanding participation in the theatre seasons of Mar del Plata and Buenos Aires with real stars of national music hall. An artist name that transcended the boundaries of Argentina and left footprints wherever he ride his classics with a deep look on the children, love, and his own country …

For Ribster13 from Argentina: Nora Zorzoli Journalist, photos and images Hugo Barreto correspondents Relieves Magazine.’

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