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Winter Light Festival (Japan)

Winter Light Festival (Japan) is one of Japan’s finest Winter Illuminations. Kuwana City is home to Nabana No Sato, a botanical theme park featuring meticulously landscaped gardens and impressive giant greenhouses.

In the spring, the park is colorfully decorated in an array of flowers, blossoms and cherry trees, including row upon row of tulips, pansies, viola, stock and daisies. Come winter, however, and visitors to the park can enjoy one of Japan’s most impressive illuminations in the incredible Winter Light Festival.

The fragrance of the flowers mingles with the cold winter air as bundled-up visitors arrive in their thousands to enjoy the famous Tunnel of Lights, and the accompanying elegant light shows and designs that blanket the entirety of the theme park and its waters.

Created with over 7 million LED lights charged using solar panels to reduce the impact on the environment, Japan’s biggest winter illumination includes themed light shows every year – previous shows included ‘Mt Fuji at dawn’ and an aurora.

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